Back on the air

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Finally got the website back. As they say… Cobbler has the worst shoes… Well it’s true I migrated to a new server and with that all the other websites that I host took priority.  So far everything is going smoothly. I’ll be posting some new content on what I’ve been up to in the next […]


Tower Update Part 5

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So the snow is melted and another winter has gone by.  I’ve finally gotten the chance to dig the trench for my conduit. I’m using 4″ IPex PVC conduit used in standard electrical work, I used nice long sweeping elbows to minimize the frustration of pulling coax around a bend. In the future there will […]

Coax Calculation

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Well now that the snow has melted and the ground is defrosting a few inches every day it’s time to get into the full swing of my tower project. My next step is to get my conduit installed and running my coaxes.  I have a good source to get the coax from so the sky […]


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Here we are again and another CQWW contest. This is probably my favorite contest of the year by far!. I’m operating at the station of VE3RM and so far it’s been great. 15M is open so far and we’re making some good headway.  If your on the air we’re on 28.510.  Stop in and say […]


Tower Building Part 4

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So I finally got around to building my own Jin-Pole. ( I’ve seen it spelt about 100 different ways.  This is how I spell it ) Used two 8′ lengths of Schedule 80 2″OD pipe connected with a 2′ Schedule 40 1 1/2″ pipe to join them. So far this is extremely solid and works […]

DStar Project taking a turn.

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So after months of fiddling with the board I got I decided to abandon that project and start with something pre-packaged. After some reasearch I found the DVRPTR_V1 board that was originally built in Germany had been taken over by a group of hams here in Canada specifically in Montreal not to far from my […]


Tower Building Part 3

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The concrete is poured, the tower is level and the ham is happy 🙂 Thanks to the help of Norm VA3NPL the tower is sitting in it’s new permanent resting place on the side of the QTH. The only thing I would have done differently would be how I braced the tower section.  I calculated […]


Tower Building Part 2

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So the next part in my project is to build the rebar cage that goes inside the concrete base.  Based on the specs in the Trylon drawing there should be 20 Vertical bars and 5 horizontal bars. I ordered my stuff from AGF Raymond here in Ottawa.  Sent them the drawings and they bent all […]