A8 Assembly Issues

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So I got part of the A8 assembled last night but ran into some issues with the linear bearings on the Y axis.

They are pre-tapped M8 holes… Well they are supposed to be pre-tapped.  When looking closely there is one of the 5 supplied bearings that have no threads at all.  I contacted the MFG and they are going to send replacements.  At the end of the day it’s not a big issue.  The holes are drilled from one side to another so i’ll just use longer screws with a nut to hold it in.

Another small issue is the A Frames that hold the filament roll.  One of the frames didn’t get cut out properly and won’t be able to be fully assembled.  A quick fix will be just to grind off the tabs for the part that’s supposed to be fixed into the cut holes and apply some trusty ol’ 3M Scotchweld.  That stuff will bind it permanently.  At the end of the day I plan on printing more efficient spool holders from Thingiverse soon.


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