Day 3 of UV920R

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So i have played with this radio for a few hours now and so far it’s an OK radio.

The speaker/mic is a great add-on in my opinion and is very useful if your in a noisy environment or you have the remote head mounted far away from the base of the radio. I haven’t tried the external speaker jacks yet but that will come at a later time.

The manual is a typical Chinese translation with about 85% of it making sense grammatically but you get the point of what they are trying to say.

Lack of proper cross-band repeat is a killer for me.  I’ve tried all their modes and none of them let me use a repeater on one vfo and simplex on another.  It just simply does simplex-simplex repeating.  So if you need a simplex cross-band repeater then your in luck.

The manual and the mic shows that there is a Scrambler option but the menu item is hidden you can’t actually access it.

You cant RX on one band while TX on another.  This is useful in my case if I want to hear my audio thru our repeater network here.  I can TX on our VHF repeater and listen to my audio on the UHF side.

The fan turns on after a certain TX time but it turns off as soon as you let go of the PTT. I haven’t done an extended TX test yet but I’ll get to that eventually.

Programming the memories is effortless as soon as you figure it out. I’m not a big manual reader. I think that most things should flow naturally and once I figured it out it was quite easy.  The memory naming is a whole other story.  You have to switch the characters to Alpha every time you enter a new letter.  It has UPPERCASE lowercase Symbols and Numbers. Again once you have that figured out it’s fairly easy to use.

Next step is the programming software.  I’ll get that up and running in a few hours and post back my comments.


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  1. Johannes kjartansson

    Hi, i am looking into buying one. Would you say it´s worth the 390$? Any other issues with the radio so far?
    p.s any word of the video review?

    Regards Johannes- Iceland


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