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I was on my local repeater last night and had a simplex channel that I use with a few friends in the area.  Anyway… I noticed that when I have a conversation going on on one VFO the second doesn’t rx anything.  They were both VHF.  Can anyone else confirm that or was it just my imagination?

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  1. Johannes kjartansson

    The Yaesu ft-8900 does this as well during in band (2 vhf or 2 uhf frq) rx-tx. But when workin vhf/uhf i can work full duplex. This is because of the duplex filter inside the radio, i guess the filter needed to be at least the same size as the radio to pull a full-duplex in band conversation 😉

    Keep up the good work on reviewing the KG-920R.

    ´73 de TF3JE

  2. Johannes kjartansson

    I think i misunderstood the RX issue. So basically the 920 can´t do dual RX?
    my bad 😉


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