Wouxun 920R Programming software error.

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Some people have messaged me saying that they can’t import an excel file without getting an error like the one below.  It may not be exactly but close to this depending on how many rows you have in the sheet.

That’s because every cell in the spreadsheet needs to be preceded by a ‘ like in the example below.  Notice that when you click on a cell it has a ‘ preceding the actual text.  Every cell needs this.

Once you fix every cell you should be good to go.

Keep in mind that this software uses your currently installed Microsoft Excel to open up the file in the background.  What I suggest is to make sure that all your instances of Excel are closed.  You might have to check the task manager and see if there are any ” Excel.EXE ” listed.  If there is make sure that it’s closed.

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  1. Heath VK3TWO

    I’ve experienced the same problems here, even to the extent that I can’t save or open any config files. At first I thought it might be because I have 62bit, but even 32 bit got the same results. I am using excel 2010 so perhaps there’s a version problem. Besides the saving and opening, it programs like a charm!

    • va3isp

      I run Windows 6 64bit and Office 2010 and as long as I put the ‘ in front of the cell contents i’m fine.

      Can you send me a screenshot of the error using the contact form on the link bar above?

      • Grant Rothwell

        I am trying to save using the “save as” drop down, it seems to do it, but no file can be found afterwards, kinda annoying if you want to stop half way through and go back to it later…..

        • Richard D

          I have the same problem: W7 64bit running Office 2007. Can’t save, no files exist after trying to save which is frustrating. I can type everything in then write it to the radio and store it that way but it’s no use if you have to stop half way through especially as I have to sit in my car to do it!

  2. Clinton

    920p fault frequency range changed to 400.000mhz -470.98750mhz through software fault and i can’t reset the radio to the following factory default setting 400.000mhz – 479.995mhz dose any one have any suggestions on how to fix the radio back to the factory settings thanks


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