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Adding Serial control to HAM IV rotator

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So after looking around the web for a diagram to build a serial controller I found a great little company that makes one in kit format.  Idiom Press After looking at the features that it has I snapped one up right away. Some of the cool features are It uses the calibration knob to select […]

X-Band repeat not working even with specifics from Wouxun

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So I contacted Wouxun yesterday and asked them specifically what steps I needed to take to enable the XBand repeat. Everyone that has one that I have spoken so has the same problems. ( apparently except Ed over at ImportRadio, Somehow he has his working. ) Here is what I got from them. 1.  Press […]

One is the loneliest number

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Looks like i’m one of the only testers that got their radios so quickly. Hopefully some of them will have the same issues I have….  this way i’ll know it’s not an operator issue 🙂

Day 3 of UV920R

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So i have played with this radio for a few hours now and so far it’s an OK radio. The speaker/mic is a great add-on in my opinion and is very useful if your in a noisy environment or you have the remote head mounted far away from the base of the radio. I haven’t […]

Initial Review on KG-UV920R

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So here are my initial thoughts after unboxing. Pros –          Great packaging, the box and all the components are nicely wrapped.  The graphics on the box are excellent as well. Kenwood,Icom and Yaesu should take note. –          The microphone is also a speaker.  You have the option to play the audio from the radio or […]

Its here

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Once I get everything hooked up ill post a review with some pics and a video

KG-UV920R has arrived

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After a few years of this in the making I have my hands on a Wouxun KG-UV920R Will get it setup and post an un-boxing video of the radio in the next few days. Stay Tuned!