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Low Mic Gain

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So using this radio now for a few weeks I get the same complaint over and over.  My audio is too low.  Has anyone else looked into this or had this issue? I spoke to Wouxun and their answer was the following. “Would you please check the setting of MENU 41 ? Please set the […]

Dual Receive Part Deux

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Just spoke to Wouxun and they are aware of the dual receive on the same band issues.  They have confirmed that this will be something that will be fixed before the public launch of the rig.

Dual RX

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I was on my local repeater last night and had a simplex channel that I use with a few friends in the area.  Anyway… I noticed that when I have a conversation going on on one VFO the second doesn’t rx anything.  They were both VHF.  Can anyone else confirm that or was it just […]

Update from Wouxun

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They have confirmed that the flat cable included with the radio does not provide adequate shielding ( which we already knew ).  They have replaced it with a standard CAT5 cable and RJ45 connectors. I have done the same and noticed quite a reduction in the DC noise in the audio when my truck is […]

Hopefully this Curiosity doesn’t kill anything…..

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So i’ve been following the landing of NASA/JPL’s Curiosity spacecraft landing on Mars.  They made it!!!! That’s amazing if you ask me. So here’s a few interesting videos that I found online that I thought were cool. This one shows a re-enactment of the landing on mars from the JPL mission control. This one explains […]

Progress being made

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Had a conversation with Wouxun today about x-band repeat and the DC noise I’ve experienced.  Sent them video and audio clips so I expect something from them in the next few days.

Wouxun 920R Programming software error.

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Some people have messaged me saying that they can’t import an excel file without getting an error like the one below.  It may not be exactly but close to this depending on how many rows you have in the sheet. That’s because every cell in the spreadsheet needs to be preceded by a ‘ like […]

Time to talk to the maker.

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I’ve spoken to Wouxun in China over Skype and have sent them the list of deficiencies that we have all had.  I will be sending them video of the RF noise coming from the alternator that I don’t get with my other Kenwood or ICOM rigs as well as some tips on how to improve […]