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POLL: What do you want in a mobile radio?

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Since the mobile import radio market has finally come to life in the last 12 months what features do you want/need before you make that purchase ? Click READ MORE to fill in Poll [cardoza_wp_poll id=1]

Free Hosting for Ham Radio related websites

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I thought I’d toss that in there and help out any hams that might want to have their own website/blog. I operate webqth.com It’s a small website that caters to ham radio website hosting. At the moment the account creations are disabled because a clever hacker has found a way around my little script but […]

3rd day with AT-588UV

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So it’s my 3rd day with this rig and I haven’t had as much time to play with it as I want to. After poking around a little bit some interesting and not-so-interesting items that I discovered. – You can set the Red Green and Blue levels on the back light. Interesting because you can […]