3rd day with AT-588UV

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So it’s my 3rd day with this rig and I haven’t had as much time to play with it as I want to.

After poking around a little bit some interesting and not-so-interesting items that I discovered.

– You can set the Red Green and Blue levels on the back light. Interesting because you can almost match it to the color of your cars interior. No more Day Glow orange radio in a light blue dashboard.

– The key beeps are insanely loud. They don’t follow the volume levels of the radio at all. I just turned it off altogether.

– Microphone has an up/down set of buttons on the mic opposite side to the PTT button, this causes a problem if your holding the mic, you end up hitting the down button that sends an annoying *BEEP* when pressed.

– Reports that the audio seems to fade in when starting to talk. Kind of hard to explain. Almost like a slow AGC, during the QSO if I pause in my sentence for more than a few seconds when I start talking again it seems to fade in ( Audio goes from low to normal ) within a second. Not extremely noticeable but I’ll try and get some audio clips and see if I can capture that.

– RX audio is kind of crappy. Despite hooking it up to an external speaker it still just sounds noisy no matter what I do. I’m only about 5k from my club repeater and can key it up at 1w with a wet noodle so it’s not a general reception problem. The audio just seems like there’s an old school record player in the background kind of hissing away.

– Front end is W I D E open. I don’t get a lot of QRM at my QTH…. actually it’s never been a problem at all until I hooked this baby up. I seem to be getting pager blasts coming in more than I have ever had before. I’ve tested about 9 rigs on this setup with no QRM from adjacent channels. It seems that by making this radio with a wider band receive it opens it up to a lot of garbage.

I made a comment on a forum a few weeks ago about the lack of wide band RX on the Wouxun mobile and how I feel it tightens the front end a bit and got chewed out by a few people because they wanted the flexibility to listen to things outside the ham bands with the radio… well I have news for you folks. GET A SCANNER!

I am sorta bashing this radio at the moment but I haven’t really done much real world testing yet. I plan on mounting this puppy in the truck for the next few days and try using it a bit more. With that said there is no actual bracket to mount the head anywhere…. It’s removable but there’s nowhere to put it.

The nice thing is that unlike the UV920R the remote head cable is just a standard CAT5 Straight Thru connection with RJ45 connectors. So they don’t include a remote head cable but pretty much any computer supplier/store carries almost an unlimited supply of them.

The microphone plugs into the remote head, some people like it, others hate it. I’m indifferent.

One thing that’s cool is that there is a USB port on the side of the head to use as a cell phone charger. I have been able to charge my Android phones with no issues whatsoever.

The TX audio seems to be clean apart from the audio fade issue I spoke of earlier.

Hopefully this will tide most of you over for a few days until I can get some audio and video samples online.

Anyone have questions/comments. Feel free to ask.


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  1. robert lee

    So, how well does the cross band repeat work? In particular, how much of a delay is there between rx and retransmit?

    I have an Alinco DR-635T and a Kenwood TM-V71a, both cross band capable radios. The Alinco is horrible to use in cross band because the rx to tx switch switch is about 0.5sec. The Kenwood, however, is delightful – the switch over is so short as to be unnoticeable.

  2. PA2OLD

    Hi JD, there is a TV/AV port on the radio, it is for “Connect to television TV/AV” did you tested that?

    • va3isp

      No I haven’t yet. Not sure what the pin configuration would be for that.

      I’ll go to the local electronics store and see if I can’t get a conversion cable. Nothing came in the box. Do you have more information on what it would do?

  3. XY Yang

    can you get a TYT TH-9800 mobile radio and test it? It is an interesting radio.
    It seemed that TYT have longer history in mobile radio compared to Wouxun, Anytone, Baofeng and other Chinese radio factories.

    • va3isp

      I’m trying to lineup something with this but they aren’t very responsive to emails.

      We’ll see in the next few days if I can’t get a hold of them by phone or skype.


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