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  1. Bill Jonson

    Hi… KC5AXS here… I noticed your post a couple of weeks ago… when I was up against the same type of issue on my KG-U920R. I had the same symptoms as what you describe… noise on transmit only and only with the engine running. I tried a filter that I built, but it did not get rid of all the issue… The noise in your demo is exactly what I had… and, I originally thought it was my alternator also… But, the only thing I was curious about, was it did not sound like any alternator interference I had ever seen before… typically an alternator is high pitched and almost sounds like a whine… So started checking with everyone I know, and I came to find out that it was my cars computer doing this… the Dodge Caravan has its computer right beside the battery…. and, DC my power cord runs right by the computer housing… I would investigate your power path and see if you are experiencing the same issue. I found that a filter I built got rid of 95% of the noise… I also routed my power cables away from the computer the best I could… Kinda hard on my vehicle, since the CPU is right beside the battery. Hope this helps

    • va3isp

      Thanks Bill!

      I thought of that, but in my case the “noise” varied when I hit the gas. Higher RPM, Higher Whine. Kindof like a kid… The more they whine…. the louder they get!



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