Adding Serial control to HAM IV rotator

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So after looking around the web for a diagram to build a serial controller I found a great little company that makes one in kit format.  Idiom Press

After looking at the features that it has I snapped one up right away.

Some of the cool features are

  • It uses the calibration knob to select where you want your beam to point then press down on the break button and it does the rest on its own.  Great for SO2R contesting
  • Serial Port interface to allow you to set your logging program up to do all the dirty work for you
  • Anti-Jamming of the TT rotators. It has a one second pulse that swings the beam in the opposite direction of where you want to go.  Virtually eliminating the break from jamming and having to rock it back and forth.

It should be here in a week or so and I’ll post the updates.

PS: They also have an LED kit that replaces that old incandescent bulb and offers a few brightness settings.

Rotor Illuminator

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