AM Receive – VHF Transmit

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So I’ve been playing with the AM Receive on the 588UV and it’s not too bad.

I actually compared it to my Icom 746 on AM and apart from the audio quality being much better on the 746 it performed like a champ.

The only issue that I came across is that you can only do AM Aircraft on the left VFO. Right VFO only does 144/440. With that said I put a VHF repeater on the right and the local ATC on the left VFO and it won’t let me transmit. The LED shows a XMit but no actual RF gets out. If I change the right VFO to UHF it works like a charm.

I would figure because the first VFO is already on VHF it wouldn’t allow it to transmit…. On the other hand you can to V/V so…. To be investigated.

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