Audio Circuit, New 920R and Anytone Dual Bander

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So its been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that.

Now onto some important stuff. Many of you have asked me how do I adjust the levels for the RX audio.  Level 1 is just too loud for what I need.
Attached is a picture of the circuit board and the 2 resistors that need to be changed in order to permanently lower the volume range.

I spoke to Wouxun last night and the new revision of the 920R with all the modifications that have been sent to them will be on it’s way soon. They don’t have a firm ETA as of yet but will be sure to get it to me ASAP. ( That could be a while but it’s worth the wait. )

Anytone AT-588: Well it’s not vaporware at all and as most of you know some dealers will be getting preview copies in the coming weeks including yours truly. My posts and reviews of the 920R have cought the attention of a few exporters and they’d like to see what I have to say about it. I haven’t gotten confirmation that it’s on the proverbial ” slow boat from China ” but i’m a little anxious to get this radio and give it the once over as well.

4 Responses to “Audio Circuit, New 920R and Anytone Dual Bander”

  1. ayasystems

    What’s resistor value is needed to lower the volume?

    • va3isp

      Im not sure. They never stated what the value should be. I say read what’s there and put a higher one in there.

      If I get a chance i’ll read the one on mine and let you know.

  2. ayasystems

    With 33K the sounds is better! Original is 25K. I’m uploading a video to see the diferences



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