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Still waiting on my AT-5888.

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Back in December I got an email from the folks over at Anytone who said they’d be shipping me a new 5888UV once the bugs are all worked out. Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t abandoned the cause to review these great radios. Cheers JD

Final thoughts on the 588UV – ” Pre-Release Version “

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Pure Garbage! Yup after using this rig at my house for the last few weeks I have found that this radio really shouldn’t have left the warehouse. That being said there are a few good points to this radio. Here’s the Pro/Con list as I see it. CON RX audio is terrible.  Constant static in […]

AM Receive – VHF Transmit

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So I’ve been playing with the AM Receive on the 588UV and it’s not too bad. I actually compared it to my Icom 746 on AM and apart from the audio quality being much better on the 746 it performed like a champ. The only issue that I came across is that you can only […]

AT-588UV ” DU-DU ”

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So i’m looking thru the manual for the Cross Band repeat function that i’ve been so early awaiting to try. Simple setps – Set VFO a to VHF – Set VFO b to UHF – Go to Set menu 44 ( X-RPT ) – Press VFO knob ( XSTART ) appears. – Press VFO knob […]

3rd day with AT-588UV

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So it’s my 3rd day with this rig and I haven’t had as much time to play with it as I want to. After poking around a little bit some interesting and not-so-interesting items that I discovered. – You can set the Red Green and Blue levels on the back light. Interesting because you can […]

First impressions of the AT-588UV

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Box is just plain white. Compared to Wouxun it’s well…. plain. ( I own a printing company so that’s just the graphics part of my brain working ) Everything is nicely packed in the box. Includes all the necessities to get it up and running. The power leads are tinned at the end, makes for […]

AnyTone AT-588UV has arrived.

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Thanks to the folks over at AnyTone I have just rec’d the new AT-588UV mobile radio. I’ll be unboxing it and doing some basic tests tonight and going more in depth by the end of the week. Cheers JD

Audio Circuit, New 920R and Anytone Dual Bander

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So its been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Now onto some important stuff. Many of you have asked me how do I adjust the levels for the RX audio.  Level 1 is just too loud for what I need. Attached is a picture of the circuit board and the 2 […]