Correction on UV920R-A Same Band Dual RX

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I previously posted that same band simultaneous receive works on this version but I am mistaken.

When listening to 2 VHF or UHF frequencies at the same time the main vfo will take over the audio.

You can however listen to a UHF / VHF at the same time.

Sorry for the confusion.

2 Responses to “Correction on UV920R-A Same Band Dual RX”

  1. Randy

    Do you know if Wuxon plans on releasing a firmware upgrade to fix this flaw? Is the 920 capable of doing any firmware upgrade? Thanks

    • va3isp

      At the moment firmware updates are not available to the general public. I suspect dealers may be able to upgrade the firmware if something becomes available.

      I have asked clarification to find out if this is possible in future releases and if it would simply be a Firmware or hardware upgrade.


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