3 Responses to “KG-UV920P 2.5K Programming Software”

  1. Howard Small Vk4BS

    Thanks for posting the software.

  2. chris buyer

    I got my new radio today, with USB and disk but the disk is blank. and radio wont connect, everything is there only the little green disk is tataslly blank and I dont even know how to set it to duplex with my wifes stabdard radio UHF it is nice looking KG-UV920P, cord USB, but no drivers or disk, and help with the proper disk, I think there is a code on the front, ontly empty disk, I run windows 7 home premium 64bit OS, anyone with this disk PLEASE. kris_hardy-2004 at hotmail dot com, thanks heaps cant wait, it wont connect with the downloaded software??

    • va3isp

      Hey Chris

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Did you check the downloads section of the website? There should be a version that works with your radio there.


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