Final thoughts on the 588UV – ” Pre-Release Version “

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Pure Garbage!

Yup after using this rig at my house for the last few weeks I have found that this radio really shouldn’t have left the warehouse. That being said there are a few good points to this radio.

Here’s the Pro/Con list as I see it.


  • RX audio is terrible.  Constant static in the background even with transmitter in close proximity.
  • Front end of radio is wide open like a barn door.  I hear pager blasts from almost 1Mhz up the dial.
  • Cannot store PL/CTCSS tones into memory from front panel.
  • TX audio has an AGC problem. Audio volume goes up and down/
  • No remote head bracket.  It wasn’t even in the making when I first spoke to them.  They are now adding a bracket so you can remotely mount the head. ( What’s the use of a detachable face…. it’s not a car stereo )
  • Beep when setting options is obnoxiously loud.  Doesn’t seem to be controllable with volume.


  • USB port on side of head for charging cell phone
  • RGB settings for color display.  Can match it to your cars interior light colors
  • 2/5 tone paging capabilities.

If I would have been told that the unit they were sending would have been a “preview” unit with the bugs still in it I don’t think I would have taken it yet.  They didn’t seem to want to be up front about that until I started bringing up the issues they had.

Buyer beware they have shipped out a few orders to distributors and people are buying them expecting it to be a final product.
I have been told November 10th will be the release date of the new units.

Will I want to get another…. Maybe.  We’ll see….
Just as a comparison… Wouxun is shipping me a new unit to replace the one that is buggy.  Anytone wants me to pony up the cash.  Replacement of the current unit was not an option.


4 Responses to “Final thoughts on the 588UV – ” Pre-Release Version “”

  1. XY Yang

    It is very sad to read this post. Apparently it is no go for it.
    Do you think Wouxun KG-UV920R is much better than this 588UV?
    But the price of KG-UV920R is much higher than 588UV
    Looking forward the review of TYT TH-9800. Kight radio list the th-9800 for $269.95.
    This is a too good to be true price….

  2. Michael Callam

    U have both the Wouxun KG-UV920R and the Anytone AT-588UV and in my opinion, the Wouxun is a much superior radio hands down. I have received nothing but compliments on th Wouxun and several complaints on the Anytone. On the Anytone, everyone says the tx audio is way low and I can’t find any way to adjust the mic gain. The Wouxun, I have been told has almost broadcast quality audio. The display on the Anytone is difficult to see and on the Wouxun, it is very pleading to the eyes.


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