First impressions of the AT-588UV

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Box is just plain white. Compared to Wouxun it’s well…. plain. ( I own a printing company so that’s just the graphics part of my brain working )

Everything is nicely packed in the box. Includes all the necessities to get it up and running.
The power leads are tinned at the end, makes for a nice connection. First thing I did is clip them and install some Power Poles.

When I powered it up the display seems bright and easy to read. Default color is Blue and it’s not a “wear your sunglasses” bright blue. I have it on the bench in the shack so i’ll update this when I have it mounted in the mobile in full daylight.

The dials were fairly easy to work with. They all rotate nicely and each of them can be pushed in for function selections.

I programmed my local club repeater and keyed it up with ease. I do notice that the audio is noisy even if I am receiving it full quieting.

My initial test on the repeater I got the same comment from everyone was that if I left a pause in my speech that the audio was lower when i resumed. The clarity was still the same but the audio level was lower. Almost like an automatic gain control of some sort. They did say the audio was better when I turned on the Compander setting. (i’m still looking into the Compander setting in the manual but it may have something to do with it) One thing I did notice is that the audio was a little distorted on strong stations when the Compander was on.

That’s it for tonight. Early morning ahead of me but i’ll jump in a bit deeper in the afternoon.


Attached to this post is the manual for the AT-588UV
Anytone AT-588UV Manual

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  1. PA2OLD

    Hi, I posted the Anytone news about your first review on my website.
    Of course are there a few links to your page.
    With more the 20.000 hits every month on my page (august over 64.000), I hope it will give you a few extra hits.
    73, Ben de PA2OLD

  2. storm55

    Manual link does not work


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