Garbage versions of import radios being sold as final copies!

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Buyer Beware.

I’ve gotten more than a few emails from people saying that they have been having awful issues with their radios that they have purchased online from various retailers.  I know most of the retailers in the US and CAN are very straightforward ( ImportComm, KightRadio  to name a few ) I don’t know them all but some retailers have gotten their hands on 1st generation 588UV and 920R’s and passing them off as the full final release versions.

I’ve been cruising the interweb and have found more than one occasion people misleading buyers and indicating that their version is the ” Final ” or Version 2 of the products.

Be careful.  When posting about issues on your radios don’t slam them because they are garbage.  Remember the source that you bought them from before looking in deeper. You might have bought a leftover, used up, polished piece of garbage that no one else wanted.

If your ever unsure if you got a genuine radio or not contact the MFG directly.  From my experience they are usually more than willing to help out.

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