Low Mic Gain

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So using this radio now for a few weeks I get the same complaint over and over.  My audio is too low.  Has anyone else looked into this or had this issue?

I spoke to Wouxun and their answer was the following.

“Would you please check the setting of MENU 41 ? Please set the noise reduction as OFF.”

I’ll try it tomorrow and see if there is a difference.  I would have thought the Noise Reduction was for the RX audio but we’ll soon find out.

7 Responses to “Low Mic Gain”

  1. Kim

    Did menu 41 fix the issue?

  2. Mike

    I’ve had this problem too, will investigate and let you know

  3. Richard D

    I had this problem, so I did a factory reset and it cured the problem.

  4. Rick

    Another one with the low audio output problem. I did a factory reset (after I had programmed the unit Grrr) and it helped. The audio level came up but is still lower than most radios. Otherwise, it seems like a nice unit.

  5. santosh kesavan

    I had recently got a kg uv920r i also faced a low audio output on close inspection of the mic hole i found its covered with a plastic disc i pushed the plastic cover to the side with a pincer and i started getting normal audio output

  6. Claude

    I reset to factory mode, lost all my programming done, had no cable and had to reprogramme via the mic. The mic gain and oudio out is now as good as any other radio out there.


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