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Well here’s where i’ll be posting for the foreseeable future about my ham radio adventures and whatnot.  I had a blog site a while back but just didn’t have time to keep it updated.

Many things will be happening over the next few months ( Hopefully ).  The Mrs. and I have a new house in Orleans ( FN25GL) here is MY task list ( Notice that MY is in caps.  There is also the typical Honey-Do list that will take priority but for now here are the things I want to get done before Jack Frost comes around.

  • Acquire and install tower.
    This is going to be a daunting task as it has to look decent and Ottawa has a Tower Bylaw.
  • Install the new IC-7000 in the mobile
    This is going to be interesting because I drive an Avalanche.  Not much room for radios up front hence why I had to go with a remote head HF radio.  Thankfully there is a ton of room under the read seats to get everything mounted.  A 102″ whip attached to the rear hitch should do the trick for getting on the air with a lovely LDG IT-100 Tuner.
  • Setup the home shack.
    I have an ICOM IC-821 U/V AllMode Base as well as a full compliment of scanners.

So for now that’s MY list of things to do.

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