New ADS-B receiver on the air… or at least listening

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So I finally got around to installing my ADS-B receiver outside.  For the longest time it was sitting in my office.   And for an inside antenna no longer than 5″ it was picking up stuff about 30km away.

After moving it outside to it’s new house (in the new enclosures I installed, pics to come) I sparked it up and am picking up planes about 200-250kms away.  My setup is basically still the same.  Running the ADSB software from, it has all the necessary files to upload the data directly to their website.  Convieniently it also runs a copy of dump1090 that FlightTracker24 also needs.

So I am feeding the 2 websites with the same software/setup.  I will make another post in a few weeks on how I have setup my system.

For now you can see the live stream of what my feed is picking up by going to

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