8 Responses to “New KG-UV920R On It’s Way”

  1. Richard D

    Will this mean they have sorted the programming software?

  2. PA2OLD

    Hi Jeff, I hope that you are going to test the thing?
    It is very disappointment that the AT-588UV is bad… hopefully the KG-UV920R is now better, although it is still not what they have promised (RX HF band).
    73 Ben de PA2OLD

    • va3isp

      I’m going to test it till the knobs fall off 🙂
      I’m not sure that wide band RX is really something that is necessary for most people, Lets be honest most HF is going to be in SSB and that’s a whole other set of circuits.

      I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Richard D

    That updated software works very well but I can’t seem to import because the file extension is now *.kg. What am I missing?


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