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Correction on UV920R-A Same Band Dual RX

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I previously posted that same band simultaneous receive works on this version but I am mistaken. When listening to 2 VHF or UHF frequencies at the same time the main vfo will take over the audio. You can however listen to a UHF / VHF at the same time. Sorry for the confusion.

KG-UV920R-A A few days of working with it…..

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So I’ve had the new version A for a few days now and I have to say it’s a nice little radio.  XBand repeat works. In fact there’s like 4 modes of xband repeat.  I understand the regular xband and the locked band repeat.  Just not sure what the other 2 do exactly.  I have […]

New KG-UV920R On It’s Way

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I just got word that the new version of the UV920R is on a raft slowly drifting it’s way to me from the folks over at Wouxun! Please to say that it’s exciting news.  I’ll keep everyone posted when it arrives.

920R Version 2

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Hey all. Just spoke to Wouxun and they are looking to release the final version in the next few weeks. I’d like to make a list of comments/suggestions for them to add to their Nice to have/need to have list for us Hams. Here’s a chance to actually have a say in what’s coming up. […]

Audio Circuit, New 920R and Anytone Dual Bander

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So its been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Now onto some important stuff. Many of you have asked me how do I adjust the levels for the RX audio.  Level 1 is just too loud for what I need. Attached is a picture of the circuit board and the 2 […]

Audio Circuit modification

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A few people have asked how they can modify the circuit so that the audio at level 1 isn’t so loud. I have asked for a schematic of the radio and should get something today hopefully with a description on what to do to make the range a bit more dynamic.

Dual RX

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I was on my local repeater last night and had a simplex channel that I use with a few friends in the area.  Anyway… I noticed that when I have a conversation going on on one VFO the second doesn’t rx anything.  They were both VHF.  Can anyone else confirm that or was it just […]

Progress being made

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Had a conversation with Wouxun today about x-band repeat and the DC noise I’ve experienced.  Sent them video and audio clips so I expect something from them in the next few days.