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Correction on UV920R-A Same Band Dual RX

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I previously posted that same band simultaneous receive works on this version but I am mistaken. When listening to 2 VHF or UHF frequencies at the same time the main vfo will take over the audio. You can however listen to a UHF / VHF at the same time. Sorry for the confusion.

Dual Receive Part Deux

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Just spoke to Wouxun and they are aware of the dual receive on the same band issues.  They have confirmed that this will be something that will be fixed before the public launch of the rig.

Dual RX

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I was on my local repeater last night and had a simplex channel that I use with a few friends in the area.  Anyway… I noticed that when I have a conversation going on on one VFO the second doesn’t rx anything.  They were both VHF.  Can anyone else confirm that or was it just […]