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KG-UV920R-A A few days of working with it…..

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So I’ve had the new version A for a few days now and I have to say it’s a nice little radio.  XBand repeat works. In fact there’s like 4 modes of xband repeat.  I understand the regular xband and the locked band repeat.  Just not sure what the other 2 do exactly.  I have […]

UV920R Arriving today!

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So I checked the DHL website and here it comes.  It arrived in Ottawa today and should be on the truck as we speak speeding to my house to deliver this new and improved version. I’m anxious to try it out.

New KG-UV920R On It’s Way

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I just got word that the new version of the UV920R is on a raft slowly drifting it’s way to me from the folks over at Wouxun! Please to say that it’s exciting news.  I’ll keep everyone posted when it arrives.

920R Version 2

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Hey all. Just spoke to Wouxun and they are looking to release the final version in the next few weeks. I’d like to make a list of comments/suggestions for them to add to their Nice to have/need to have list for us Hams. Here’s a chance to actually have a say in what’s coming up. […]

Audio Circuit, New 920R and Anytone Dual Bander

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So its been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Now onto some important stuff. Many of you have asked me how do I adjust the levels for the RX audio.  Level 1 is just too loud for what I need. Attached is a picture of the circuit board and the 2 […]

Audio Circuit modification

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A few people have asked how they can modify the circuit so that the audio at level 1 isn’t so loud. I have asked for a schematic of the radio and should get something today hopefully with a description on what to do to make the range a bit more dynamic.

Low Mic Gain

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So using this radio now for a few weeks I get the same complaint over and over.  My audio is too low.  Has anyone else looked into this or had this issue? I spoke to Wouxun and their answer was the following. “Would you please check the setting of MENU 41 ? Please set the […]

Dual Receive Part Deux

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Just spoke to Wouxun and they are aware of the dual receive on the same band issues.  They have confirmed that this will be something that will be fixed before the public launch of the rig.

Dual RX

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I was on my local repeater last night and had a simplex channel that I use with a few friends in the area.  Anyway… I noticed that when I have a conversation going on on one VFO the second doesn’t rx anything.  They were both VHF.  Can anyone else confirm that or was it just […]

Update from Wouxun

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They have confirmed that the flat cable included with the radio does not provide adequate shielding ( which we already knew ).  They have replaced it with a standard CAT5 cable and RJ45 connectors. I have done the same and noticed quite a reduction in the DC noise in the audio when my truck is […]