Tower Building Part 1

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Finally I got the tower project started.

I have a Trylon Titan T400-72  This is a 9 section freestanding tower.  It requires a minimum of 6 cubic yards of concrete with a rebar cage on the inside to reinforce the block.

I’ll be adding a 4″ conduit that will route the cable from the tower to the inside of the house.  This will allow me to run cables to my hearts content year round without having to worry about digging a trench again.

At the bottom of the tower a weather proof box will be added and my PolyPhasers will be added in that to ensure proper lightning arresting and grounding capacity.

Here is the link to the technical drawings for the tower. Trylon T400-72

Below are the excavation pictures from this morning.


3 Responses to “Tower Building Part 1”

  1. Brandon

    One tip, put a piece of rope in the conduit that is slightly longer than the conduit and leave some sticking out on both ends. Then when you need to run some coax just attach it to the rope, pull it through, then pull the rope back after you take it off the coax.
    Its may seem like common sense, but many people forget this and are then stuck struggling to fish the coax through without it, especially if its a long run from the house to the tower.

    • va3isp

      Thanks for the tip. I am planning to do just that. It’s going to be about a 100′ run to the house from the tower. I will die trying to fish something thru without that.

      • Brandon

        I meant to say make the rope slightly more than twice as long as the conduit, but im sure that you figured that out. Just make sure that you tie each end to something or find a way to limit yourself from pulling the rope too far and not being able to reach the end to pull it back to again. Also i suggest leaving the rope in even after you finish running the coax, just in case of any future changes/improvements.


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