Tower Building Part 2

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So the next part in my project is to build the rebar cage that goes inside the concrete base.  Based on the specs in the Trylon drawing there should be 20 Vertical bars and 5 horizontal bars.

I ordered my stuff from AGF Raymond here in Ottawa.  Sent them the drawings and they bent all the pieces for me.

The drawing calls for the rebar to be bent at the bottom and flared outwards.  Unfortunately that was next to impossible to excavate.  THe ground is a mix of rocks and clay/sand mix.  So I just made all the pieces flare inwards.

My next step will be to support the cage, tower legs and first tower section with some 2X6 lumber so that everything is in the centre of the hole and perfectly level. The concrete will be ordered tomorrow morning and hopefully by Tuesday night it will all be poured.

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