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  1. Walt

    Please let me know what you think of the UV920R vs AT5888UV. I am just about ready to order the UV920R. The reason I am holding back is I prefer to RX aircradt 118Hmz-126Mhz and I need Anytone for that. But I do dnot want to order a “brick”

    • va3isp

      Well i have the latest 920 and from what I can hear about the current 5888UV there is still some work to be done on it on the audio quality side.

      IMHO I’d go with the 920 for the moment.

  2. infoseclabrat


    Wondering if you received an “updated” UV920R and if it took care of the issues you noted.

    I’ve had my 920R mounted in my SUV for a couple years now and have a few complaints, along the same lines as you’ve noted.

    My biggest complaint has been the lack of programming software. I have the 5k version, which is the only one that seems to work with my radio. CHIRP hasn’t caught up, even though I’ve volunteered to temporarily donate my radio to the effort. I guess I could manually typing in hundreds of frequencies, offsets, tones, etc. but I’d much rather start with a base file that I’ve created and used with other radios, including the three Wouxun HTs that I have.

    Anyway, just curious how your experience has been and if you have an updated, refreshed review to go along with your prior ones of the 920R.

    KA0ZRW, Maple Valley, WA

    • va3isp

      Hi Chris

      No I haven’t gotten a newer version yet. Honestly the vendor wasn’t interested in working with me after I gave them a laundry list of issues that they needed to fix on their first batch. I’ll have to check around and see if anyone local has one I can poke around with and see if the issues were resolved.


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